ghost Quest readers are a creative group. For Halloween, they've disguised themselves as everything from vampires to killer veggies, from spooks to Cinderellas. What these imaginative costumes may lack in terror, they more than make up for in charm. black cat

photoLaura Medcalf of Indianapolis was the belle of the ball three years ago when her mom transformed her wheelchair into Cinderella's carriage. Some foam board, paint, tape and a few glued-on jewels did the trick. Laura, now 9, was dazzling in a baby blue dress with silvery accents. Indianapolis Star/ News Photo by Kelly Wilkinson.
   photoNico Toscano, 13, of Rochester, N.Y., with the help of his family and nurse, built a 1934 Bugatti of foam core around his wheelchair. The one-of-a-kind vehicle also featured flashlights for headlights, an old-fashioned bicycle horn and a go-cart steering wheel.

photoMichelle Cohen Lev of Baltimore has put together a book based on the wheelchair costumes she's made for her son, Ofek. Here's Ofek, now 7, as a train conductor and Aladdin on his magic carpet. Each costume can be made for $10 or less, Lev says, using things around the house such as boxes, wrapping paper and spray paint. All costumes ©1998 Michelle Cohen.

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